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Please read your vacation rental agreement carefully.  Any monies received by The Blueberry Patch at Panther Creek LLC for occupancy of vacation property indicates your acceptance of the terms of our vacation rental agreement in full.  For your safety and enjoyment, as well as ours, all policies are strictly enforced.  It is the responsibility of all guests (and members of their party) to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental agreement.


There is a three-night minimum year-round. Your reservation must be confirmed.  One hundred percent of the rental fee is required at the time of booking to hold your reservation; we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express and other payment types supported by Stripe payment processing. Upon receipt of payment, confirmation will be emailed to the guest of record. The directions to the villa and instructions for entry will be emailed to the guest of record the day prior to arrival.


Check-in time is between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. All times are eastern standard time.  While we make every effort to have your unit ready promptly, during peak season, there may be a slight delay and your patience is appreciated. All charges must be paid in full before access is given. Please do not request early check-in as we need the appropriated time to ensure the unit is appropriately prepared.


Check out is 10:00 a.m. est. Guests not departing as agreed will be subject to an additional charge of $50 per hour as it is imperative for us to have time to adequately prepare for the next guest. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate late check-out requests. Please make sure that all windows and doors are locked, bagged garbage is placed in the outdoor receptacle, dirty towels are placed in the master shower, and dirty dishes are in the dishwasher and please extinguish all fires as you leave. A courtesy call or text to check out is appreciated!


According to our cancellation policy, guests may receive a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours of booking and at least 30 full days prior to the listing's local check-in time (determined at booking). For a 50% refund of the nightly rate, the guest must cancel 14 full days before the listing’s local check in time (shown in the confirmation email), otherwise no refund will be issued. If the guest decides to leave early after check-in, the nights not spent are not refunded.


We cannot refund monies or relocate guests due to malfunctions in equipment, internet, or inclement weather conditions. All refunds are the decision of management based on the individual situation and request.  Any approved refund will be issued by accounting within 2 weeks.  No cash refunds are given. No refunds will be issued because of early departure.


Guest(s) understand that The Blueberry Patch at Panther Creek will only accept reservations from responsible adults 21 years of age or older. Guest(s) who initiates the rental will remain responsible for all other guest(s), children, visitors, or pets during the occupancy of the subject property. Overcrowding (exceeding the stated maximum number of guests per property) or misrepresentation is cause for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid. We make every attempt to service our customers with full disclosure about the villas and as such we ask that our guests return that respect when making reservations particularly regarding number of guests and their pet(s) (please see pet rules below as fees are incurred), as cameras for your protection, as well as ours, do collect information at arrival.


Guest(s) understands and agrees that agent cannot guarantee against mechanical systems failure during occupancy. Guest(s) must report any inoperative equipment or needed repairs to the agent’s office as soon as possible. Agent will make every reasonable effort to have repairs completed quickly and efficiently. No refunds, concessions, or rate adjustments will be made for these unforeseen circumstances.


Guest(s) shall leave premises as they found it, in a neat and undamaged condition. Any articles removed or damages incurred will be the sole responsibility of the guest of record, and as such will be charged to the guest of record for replacement or repair. Please let us know if something is damaged or if you have inadvertently removed an article so that the issue can be resolved quickly and professionally. Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed inside any unit therefor the guest of record will be responsible for extra cleaning and/or laundering fees should this rule be violated.


Guest(s) will be provided a telephone number prior to arrival as well as posted within the home for any after-hours emergency or for important questions. If your request is a non-emergency, your request may be forwarded to the following business day. All urgent issues will be handled with prompt attention. Please call 911 for any medical or fire emergency!


Your vacation rental is treated once a month for insects. Unfortunately, on occasions, these creatures still find their way indoors. While we cannot refund any monies for insects, should it arise, we will take the appropriate measures to correct the problem quickly and efficiently. In the northeast Georgia mountains, there are a variety of different animals and wildlife species you may encounter. It is imperative that you do not feed any animals you encounter. Feeding the animals directly or by not securing your trash can result in bodily injury or death.


We cannot guarantee any road surface conditions. Most roads in our area are well maintained, but some are curvy and steep. Some units may have gravel driveways or roads. While these roads are routinely maintained, they may be bumpy at times. In the late fall, winter, and early spring it is not uncommon to occasionally have hazardous road conditions. Winter road conditions and maintenance are not guaranteed. We do not refund due to road conditions. You are responsible for your transportation. We cannot provide transportation nor are we responsible for any towing charges you may incur during your stay. If the weather permits you from leaving on your scheduled departure date, you will be responsible for the additional night(s) rent.


A $125 cleaning fee is charged for each reservation to cover normal cleaning services. If you have pet(s), you are required to recover any pet hair prior to your departure, a broom and dustpan are provided, failure to do so will result in an additional $50 cleaning fee on top of the pet fee.


Guest(s) are required to leave the property in the same general condition it was when the guest(s) arrived.  All cooking and eating utensils must be washed and put away.  All food must be removed from the refrigerator and cabinets. Smoking is not allowed in any of our units. Furniture must be returned to its original location.  All dirty linens and towels must be placed in the master shower. If additional cleaning is required, appropriate fees will be charged to your form of payment.  Guest(s) are responsible for any damages, abuse, excessive cleanup requirements, or loss caused by any member of guest(s) party to the property or its contents during guest(s) occupancy. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in additional charges to the guest(s) form of payment. Please place bagged garbage in the outdoor receptacle. Please extinguish any fires. Agent(s) walk through each property after check-out to ensure the property is left in good order and will make the final determination of the necessity for any extra charges to guest(s).


All the vacation rentals are individually owned. Rental guests understand and agree that we accept families and responsible adults over the age of 21 only. Guest(s) also agree that the premises shall not be occupied by more than the number of people stated on the reservation. If the unit is occupied by more than the number of people stated at the time of check-in, an additional fee will be charged at $50 per guest, per night. Guest(s) in use of the property shall not offend or disturb neighbors in any manner.  The use of firearms or fireworks is strictly prohibited.  No drinking alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age of twenty-one (21) is allowed.  Should a guest(s) or guest of guest(s) be arrested for underage drinking at the rental property, this rental agreement shall be terminated, and the guest(s) evicted without refund.  Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited. Quiet time is from 10 pm until 9 am.


Weddings/reunions/large parties are not permitted. Immediate eviction, with no refund will occur for violation.


All windows and doors must be closed and locked upon departure.


Our properties do not have landlines. Cell phone service in the northeast Georgia mountains can be sketchy and varies greatly among providers. We do not guarantee that your phone will have service, no refunds will be issued because of the lack of cell service.


Firewood and fire-starters are provided for the indoor and outdoor wood burning fireplaces. The screen and/or doors must be shut during operation (do not use any sort of fire propellant such as lighter fluid in the fireplaces) as damage to the masonry will occur. Additional fire starters can be purchased at local supermarkets and hardware stores.


Smoking is not permitted inside any property!!! Smoking is only permitted outside; all butts and ashes must be deposited in designated area (metal sand bucket). There is a $500 fee (or more, depending on circumstances) when smoking is discovered inside a unit and/or for littering outside. All cigar and cigarette butts must be fully extinguished, bagged and placed in the outdoor receptacle (metal sand bucket).


You acknowledge that no pets are allowed in/or on the premises unless an agent has expressly authorized.  With prior permission we may authorize a well-trained pet to occupy the premises while you are within the premise. There will be a $100 non-refundable per-pet-fee. Undisclosed pet(s) will be charged an additional $250 plus the standard $100 per pet fee, (cameras to protect you and our interests are located on the property). No pets are allowed on furniture or beds. If cleaners find that pets have been on furniture there will be a $50 charge for extra cleaning. All pets need to be cleaned up after, if not there will be a $50 charge for cleaning up excess pet hair in the home or on the decks, pet wastes in the yard and/or surrounding area. Please do not leave your pet unattended inside or outside of the unit.


A basic supply of linens, towels, paper towels, soap, dish detergent, toilet tissue, and trash bags are provided in each property.  Bed linens and bath towels are not changed during your stay.  The startup set of soap, toilet tissue, and trash bags is not replenished; we suggest you bring extra items for longer stays. Bath towels and washcloths are not to be removed from the property or used for any cleaning purpose other than bathing. Stained, misused, or missing linens will be replaced at guest(s) expense.


We make every effort to locate and return lost items but will not be responsible for things left behind that we do not find! When you leave something behind, call The Blueberry Patch at Panther Creek, LLC and we will alert housekeeping of the missing item(s). If found, we will have it shipped to you at your expense. Lost and found items unclaimed after 30 days will be turned over to local charities.


Information regarding individual listings is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed.  We will be happy to confirm all data contained herein or answer any questions you may have prior to booking your reservation.


Rates posted are nightly rates.  Rates for holidays, special events, and weekends may be higher.  Rates do not include the applicable taxes and are subject to change.  All properties are rented with a three-night minimum year-round. Minimum night requirements may vary for holidays and special events.


Double bookings are rare.  If guest(s) reservations for rental property overlap or matches the reservation of another tenant, agent(s) reserve the right to relocate guest(s) to a different rental property within the agent(s) rental program.  Every effort will be made to ensure that the replacement property is reasonably comparable to the original property booked.  Agent(s) shall have the sole right to select such replacement rental property.  Guest(s) will have the option to (1) accept the replacement property or (2) reject the replacement property and receive a full refund of all rents and fees paid for the rental property.  Guest(s) agree that guest(s) choice between these alternatives will be guest(s) sole remedy for all damages, liability, or inconvenience arising out of the double booking.


Guest(s) agree that the agent reserves the right to enter the rental property anytime to investigate disturbances and check occupancy.   An authorized employee or authorized repairman may enter the premises during business hours for any purpose connected with such repairs.


Guest(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner and agent(s) for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost, or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of/or in connection with guest(s) use and occupancy of the rental property including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or theft of property which is made, incurred, or sustained by guest(s).  A material breach of this agreement by guest(s), which, in the sole determination of the agent, results in damage to the premises, personal injury to guest(s) or others, a breach of the peace, a nuisance to others, or a violation of criminal law or local code, shall be grounds for termination of guest(s).  Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent and security deposit.


The blueberry patch serves as the agent & representative of all owners of vacation properties in its rental program and is always acting, in and for the best interests of the owners. Smoking inside properties, and non-disclosed or oversized pets will be charged $200 to $500. Depending on incident. Please read your vacation rental agreement carefully.  Any monies received by The Blueberry Patch at Panther Creek LLC for occupancy of vacation property indicates your acceptance of the terms of our vacation rental agreement in full, and by accepting this guest agreement you confirm that you have read and checked the arrival date to ensure correct dates of occupancy. The dates of occupancy are emailed to you in the reservation confirmation email. You also confirm that you have read and agree to all terms of the rental agreement


I agree to pay all rent and fees and accept all terms of the lease agreement and accept all liability for any damage beyond normal wear and tear during the term of my lease with The Blueberry Patch at Panther Creek LLC.  If I fail to do so I understand that these costs will be charged to my form of payment and possible loss of security deposit. I hereby give The Blueberry Patch at Panther Creek permission to charge my form of payment as follows: 100% of the total nightly rate plus taxes and fees for online booking reservations.