Structure & Quality

Learn about the three kinds of flooring we offer. See what makes our floor so good and learn the differences and key features between each type of flooring. You’ll see why Urbanfloor is a cut above the rest.

We guarantee that all Urbanfloor wood planks are of the highest quality. Our Composer wood planks can be installed in all levels of the home and comes with its own warranty. You can find out more about installation and warranty in our other ‘Flooring 101’ sections.


All Composer Collection flooring are finished with UV oil from Klumpp coating, which is the leader in manufacturing durable wood coating products. UV oil finish offers both the natural look of an oil finish and the durability added by a UV curing system. Practical tests show UV oils are considerably better suited to day-to-day use and the perceived quality of floors with a UV oil finish lasts longer than floors treated with purely natural oils.


Three layers of solid wood are bonded together in a cross grain configuration using heat and pressure. The perpendicular grains make your floor resistant to shrinking and expansion from normal moisture and thermal shifts in your home that typically affect solid wood installations. Cross grain construction makes each plank stable and less prone to cupping and bowing due to atmospheric changes


We go through a very precise and detailed process to create the unique look and surface quality of Composer Collection. Each and every plank has been wire brushed and sand blasted to enhance its appearance and natural grain. The beautiful colors are the results of a 3-stage staining process. Our stain masters assure the highest quality stain in every plank.


We use state-of-the-art milling technology and processes to create the profile, edges and ends of each Urban Floor plank. This technology ensures a satin smooth transition and tight fit between planks and ease of installation.